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The South African government has committed itself to the promotion of skills development for all.

In order to make this a reality, South Africa has developed a strategy based on three Acts of Parliament.


These acts are designed to



In 2003 Susan Young realized that many businesses in the Vaal Triangle did not have the knowledge, infrastructure or manpower to realize these three goals and so Minerva was born.
Named after the Roman Goddess of wisdom, Minerva has assisted over 500 companies nationally to implement Skills Development in their workplace.

  • SAQA Act

  • Employment Equity Act

  • Skills Development Act 

  1. Make training happen

2. Make training effective

3. Make training equal

Your one-stop for Skills Development co-ordination

Making Training Happen.

We provide a One-stop streamlined service that takes away unwanted administration
normally associated with organizing training thereby increasing productivity as well
as Health and Safety records.

Making Training Effective

We ensure that

  • Training providers are accredited for the credit bearing training courses they offer.

  • Provide proof of accreditations and BEE status of providers on request

  • Advise clients of skills only training where accredited training may not be required or appropriate

Making Training Equal

A wide range of training is offered from currently 54 different training providers.
Wherever possible, training is organized in a variety of different languages.