Skills Development BEE

Skills Development & BEE                             NEW CODES

  1. Skills spend              6 x SDL                         8 pts
    Invoiced cost + Salary 
    eg R10k pm + R40k = R160k value

  2. Disabled learner     0.3 x SDL                       4pts
    Invoiced cost + Salary


  3. Learnerships (Cat B, C, D accredited)

         2.5% of people (18,1 & 18,2)                     4pts

         2.5% of unemployed people                      4pts


BONUS for retaining 18.2                                    5pts

OR tracking employment or training continuation eg Apprentices


NB 1) 40% compulsory or drop 1 BEE level

2) Must be accredited training No CPD

3) L/ships Indian M/F; Coloured M/F; African M/F as per National demographics


Learner-ships can be undertaken for ALL races, gender and ethnic group with following benefits.



R40 000 per person

SARS L/ship allowance deducted from NPBT

R80 000 per person (R120k for disabled)

28% Company Tax  = R22 400 SAVING

Cost to Co = R40      = R11 200SAVING



Net cost to company = R6 400


BUT could claim 40% of SDL for L/ships as discretionary grant from SETA

Company can often break even training or make a profit training and still make FULL BEE points for skills development.

Grant Funding Structure
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