Service Level Agreement


  1. Minerva Books cc will visit clients to establish their Skills Development need for the training year and follow up as appropriate training courses become available.

  2. On a monthly basis, Minerva will email a 3 month schedule of all open class training available.

  3. Minerva Books cc will represent the training provider and their courses with accuracy, honesty and integrity based on information provided by the training provider.

  4. Minerva will provide the client with registration/ booking confirmation forms, or  SLAs as used by the training provider to ensure prices/ spaces booked are in writing

  5. Attendance for the training will be re-confirmed 72 hours prior to course start date and cancellation fees advised  if applicable

  6. For Learner-ship programmes the appropriate documents required by the client’s SETA will be supplied to client, correct completion ensured and all supporting documentation collected and supplied to training provider and /or SETA as necessary.

  7. For skills programmes, all clients will be informed of documentary requirements and requested to ensure that students bring these with them to class on the first day.

  8. Should students fail to bring documents to class as requested, Minerva requires the training provider to notify Minerva of the omissions and we will ensure collection of these as soon as they are made available.

  9. As soon as possible Minerva will send training report to clients and make arrangements for NYC students as necessary

  10. Minerva Books cc will collect certificates from the training provider and deliver them to the clients. Certificates will not be given to the students directly unless agreed to in writing by the client.

  11. Minerva will follow up with client to ascertain satisfaction & relay feedback to you.

  12. Minerva will undertake, to the best of abilities, to resolve any disputes to the satisfaction of all parties.

  13. Minerva’s Service is offered FREE of charge as follows:
    First informational meeting, Submission of all quotes and booking forms electronically
    1 appointment to collect original signed quotes/ booking orders and Service level agreements.
    1 appointment to collect original, correctly completed and fully signed SETA required Unit standard, skills programme or Learner-ship Application form with all required supporting documents.
    Missed appointments and repeated visits to collect outstanding documents will be charged at R650 per hour including travel time plus R3.50/ km

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